Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning


At retirement you hang up your working boots and enter a new phase of your life. The last thing you want is to have to eke out a living, dependant on a state pension system that is currently unsustainable. Instead you want to live the dream!


So what is the dream? That’s where we want to start.


We want to understand what “living the life you want in retirement” actually looks like. Is it about retiring at a certain age? Is it about where you live throughout the year – maybe a warmer climate in the winter? Or is it about having enough to do the things you want to do with your family?


We’ll help you put a price on these and if necessary, make some hard choices as to what is realistic and what is not. MoneyButler will also assist you in setting yourself financial goals to achieve that lifestyle, and we’ll guide you towards achieving those goals through structured retirement planning.


Some clients approach us when they are already on their retirement planning journey, but might not be confident that their retirement objectives will be achieved. Others seek our help when changing jobs or when their current pension arrangements are changing. We can step in and help these people to get their retirement plans back on the right track.


We’ll make sure you maximise the impact of every euro you invest towards your retirement, helped in no small part by the excellent tax breaks available for retirement planning.


  • You get tax relief at your highest income tax rate on all contributions (within some limits)
  • You don’t pay tax such as DIRT or exit tax on your funds – they grow tax free
  • You can take some of your fund tax free at retirement. The balance you can take as a regular income for the rest of your days, or you can take it as and when you need it
  • You can use investment vehicles that ensure your fund goes to your estate in the event of your death


But that’s all the technical side, and the easy bit (for us). The harder and more important piece is in understanding what retirement looks like to you, then building a plan. We then continue to guide you year after year until you can live out this latter phase of your life, as you want. That’s what we do; we work with you until your goals are achieved.


If you would like to identify the life you want in retirement and how to achieve it, please contact us. 091 470300