Employee Benefits

We specialise in corporate pensions and developing broader employee benefit packages.


Corporate Pensions: We assist employers in designing and establishing pension schemes for your employees that meet the business requirements of the company, and help employees plan for their retirement. We help you to identify the right structures (which may vary for different group of employees), the right benefit and contribution levels, identify an appropriate investment strategy and find the right pension product to achieve the scheme objectives. For other companies, you may require support in restructuring your existing pension scheme. We will guide you through this process of re-designing your scheme, establishing a scheme structure that better meets your corporate objectives and then fully implementing the new scheme.


Employee Protection: MoneyButler has a strong track record in working with employers to establish life assurance and income protection schemes for your employees, financially protecting them against unexpected events. These schemes also assist in employee retention and increased satisfaction levels among employees.


If you would like to find out more about how MoneyButler can help, please contact us. 091 470300