Corporate Solutions

At MoneyButler, we work with companies of all sizes, helping you to deal with a range of financial challenges.


Business Protection: Employers can also protect the business itself against the death or illness of a key employee. Should one of your senior team suffer a long-term illness, how would you cope? Could you afford to pay them and also hire a replacement? Or if one of your shareholders died, could you afford to buy back their shareholding? These are situations that you can plan for and at MoneyButler, we can help you formulate and implement these plans.


Corporate Investments:  When companies are in growth mode, they can build up significant reserves. However are these reserves working as hard for the company as they might? With interest rates at historic low levels, many companies are seeking alternatives in how this money is managed. MoneyButler enables companies just like yours to get your corporate investments working as hard for you as possible.


Should one of your senior team members like to find out more about how MoneyButler can help your company address your employee benefit needs, please contact us. 091 470300